DOK Share

DOC Share is a web application that acts as a direct and private channel for the passage of documents between the company and employees. This application provides the company with the possibility of delivering documents to its staff through a secure channel, keeping track of the activities performed, and in turn receiving all the various documents necessary for the normal administration of an activity.


The use of this application simplifies the methods of sending / receiving private documents at the same time, archiving and traceability, effectively creating a communication standard.


The application is available from any terminal equipped with a connection, making documents available everywhere, solving problems of shipping or receiving them.


In turn, employees have access to a personal area that allows them to receive and send all administrative documents with the security provided by the private communication channel.

The user can send different types of documents by choosing the type in advance:

Medical Certificate, Contract, Holiday / Permit Requests, Employee Severance Pay, Privacy Protection, ALBAROSA Timesheet, External Timesheet, Generic Documentation, Generic Documentation ALBAROSA...

The user can receive the following document types:

Salary, Contracts, CUD, TFR Choice, Privacy Policy, Generic Documentation, Generic Documentation ALBAROSA...