Comm Share

Comm Share is a web application that allows the firm to automatically transform customer invoices into accounting records. The Customer delivers the invoices via COMMSHARE, the Studio receives notification of the document uploading and through a specific feature, the invoices are transformed into accounting records. This application gives the company the opportunity to deliver documents to its staff through a secure channel, keeping track of the activities performed, and to receive, in turn, all the various documents necessary for the normal administration of an activity.


Benefits for the Company

  • Save time
  • Optimize the invoice delivery process with the customer
  • To keep track of deliveries made by the customer and their progress towards accounting, without having to search for e-mails
  • Notes to the operator: The operator has the possibility to insert annotations inside COMM Share
  • Avoid reviewing deliveries with individual employees
  • Obtain the accounting record of the invoices thanks to the import functions of the COMM Share application. The functions learn how to import and how to account for them, thus becoming more and more efficient with use

Modules and Features

  • Import Electronic Invoices
  • Delivery of invoices
  • SMART invoice
  • PDF recognition
  • Document sharing
  • Bank statement delivery
  • Sickness certificates
  • Other documents